7 Must-Join Online Social Networks for Christians

August 28, 2009

With the capability of the internet today, everyone has the opportunity to link up with others and mostly for Christians who want to establish social networks. As a devoted Christian, there are quite a number of websites that can help you to link up with the rest of the world. Here are the top seven.

My Church
For churches to build and outreach their community they have to network and through this they build a congregation. Therefore, we can say that this is content management system made for sermons, collaborative blog, event calendar, social network and a classified board for Christians to interact, accordingly.

CobbleStone Community Network
Cobblestone as community was formed to aid churches to encourage behavior that are important for the body of the local church. It can assist and aid you by helping people find chances to do service for others, to connect people within community for managing and disciplining responsible groups.

The Common Organization
TheCommon.org started in the spring of 2008 as a method to put things in order as found to be improper with churches and with focus to employ web with share needs and abilities of the churches.  The community is growing with aim to love their neighbor and share everything in common via the web with as user-friendly, safe and effective tool.

Unifyer was an effort by Pursuant, a full service fundraising agency in 2001 to assist non-profit organizations for communication and fundraising by online channel By 2008 Pursuant had 200 clients in several non-profit sectors. And at the dawn of 2009 Pursuant acquired the operations of Viscern, which added RSI and Ketchum, to the Pursuant family to offer a full set of development services and consulting to the entire non-profit market.

360 Connected Churches
This software develops relationship oriented community for church members in a safe, protected and easy-to-uses web atmosphere. This software let church members to personalize a profile, to compete with photos albums, blogs, favorite web sites, social networking and more. It assimilates and promotes church involvement with honest, open, vulnerable, private, and safe communication and relationship.

The City
This is a web based software and community tool to quench pastor’s desire to accommodate with technology to meet out in challenging and dynamic environment of a growing church. The community was formed to connect newcomers, engage people in deeper community, and multiply ministry and service activity.

Groups Interactive
This community was started as a group of Christian followers who devoted their professions to the cause of spreading Christianity with the help of online technology. This community is formed with sole objective of expansion and unity of the body of Christ. And the group is for churches to accomplish there pastoral need.

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