25 Best Christian Blogs You Aren’t Reading Yet

January 17, 2011

From professional to personal, Christian blogs have much to offer to those who pursue the study of the Word. The following 25 blogs may prove to be the best Christian blogs are you not reading yet — and they come from students, pastors, organizations and musicians. These blogs are new, beginning in April of 2009, with the majority created in 2010.

The links listed below are chronicled by the month of blog creation. If we have missed any new Christian blogs created after April 2010, please let us know!


  1. Bible Christian ChapelLifeSpring Network: Life Spring Network is a Christian discipleship and reproductive leadership training ministry that developed through the experience and vision of the President, Jason Pankau. As a pastor, seminar/retreat leader, organizational consultant and personal life coach, Jason has sought out and developed some of the best materials on wisdom and life stewardship to help people realize life’s potential (April).
  2. One Money Design: The objective of the content in this blog is to help readers create forward momentum on a journey to true financial freedom. You’ll find content about the Bible and money, budgeting and spending, debt reduction, saving and investing and more (April).
  3. Ecclesial Theology: Steven R. Harmon, a Baptist theologian, created this blog to help his current and former students, professional colleagues, and other interested persons learn about his writing projects and speaking engagements, most of which have to do with ecumenical theology and other dimensions of what he calls “ecclesial theology” — theology done in, with, and for the church (June).
  4. Orphan’s Matchbox: This blog belongs to the Christian Alliance for Orphans, which seeks to stimulate and help grow Christian communities committed to adoption, foster care and global orphan care in the local church (July).
  5. Matt Maher: Over the past few years, Maher has been on quite a journey, making the transition from full-time ministry at his home church in Mesa, Arizona to life as a respected worship leader with an international platform. In that time, he’s developed a reputation for being a versatile songwriter — always eager to build bridges between communities and inspire others to creative excellence-all for the glory of God (September).
  6. Journey on Canvas: While receiving her B.F.A. from Pratt Institute, and her M.S. in education, Alisa began encouraging spiritual exploration in the field of art, as well as the fields of secular and Christian education. Since writing her own spiritual autobiography, Alisa has begun to seek for ways to share her story and encourage others to do the same (December).
  7. The Samoa Files: Dennis Smith established the SWAP Foundation (Samoan Web Ambassadors Programme) which aims to teach and mentor and develop inbound tourism through improved marketing and a bunch of creative business ideas based upon Christian principles (December).
  8. Theology and Apologetics Roundtable: A recent Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary graduate with first master’s in theology & apologetics offers this blog. He also wants a military career (December).


  1. Sarcastic Xtian: A a Christian, husband, dad, blogger and musician provides fodder for thought from a personal perspective. He’s also very active with social networking (January).
  2. BibleJust My Thoughts: Elena Ramirez’s Mission is to bring glory to God, inspire his people, and speak a word of truth to the lost. To do this, in the Fathers love, and very mindful of the sacrifice of Christ. To uphold the word of God, as the final word, in all she does. She also seeks to write for your newsletter, blog, or newspaper (February).
  3. Apologetics Guy: Mikel Del Rosario has equipped believers from the West Coast to the Far East, challenging both young people and adults to be better-prepared ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Mikel is an Adjunct Professor of Religion at University of Phoenix and William Jessup University. He also teaches Christian apologetics at Mosaic Christian Academy (May).
  4. Christian Historical Fiction: The purpose of this website is to act as a melting pot of information about what is available in the genre of Christian historical fiction. This blogger hopes to get people to talk about what is latest and greatest, and is open to any members to post reviews, giveaways, interviews and more (May).
  5. The Christian Vigil: Bridget Waldron talks about angels, blessings, the End Time, Satan, serving God and sin. Bridget has a deep passion for God and focuses mainly on living life positively (June).
  6. The Lens: This is the “unofficial blog of the Southeast Christian Church,” as it is one man’s perspective and journey, through learning more about Southeast, both its leaders and its members, and sharing that knowledge with readers (June).
  7. The Poached Egg: This blogger posts articles, essays, and other things that are relevant to Christianity, apologetics, and the search for truth. These posts feature the writing of some of the world’s best Christian thinkers, theologians, and apologists both past and present (June).
  8. Hard-Core Christianity: Melissa is a graduate student at Biola University, studying for my master’s degree in science and religion. She enjoys the study of Christian apologetics, and she directs a community-wide study group that covers the various related issues in her blog (July).
  9. Methodist Friends of Israel: Methodist Friends of Israel are Christians who are members or adherents of the Methodist Church, who love Israel and want to bless her and who fully accept God’s everlasting covenant with His chosen people (July).
  10. Christian Research Institute: This blog not only seeks to equip readers in apologetics, but to start a conversation among CRI constituents, CRI staff members and all people interested in discussing why truth matters. They post short pieces by President Hank Hanegraaff, CRI staff, Christian Research Journal contributors and others (August).
  11. Theological Pursuit: Currently a 28-year-old structural engineer, Carl’s goal is to go back to school in a few years to pursue a Masters and PhD in biblical studies. This blog is intended to be an outlet for developing his understanding of ideas and the presentation of them (September).
  12. Bible DrillRenew Your Mind: This blog focuses on Christian apologetics, evangelism and logic. The writer offers resources as well, including book reviews, essays and online information (October).
  13. Logos and Love: Elizabeth is a senior at Brandeis University majoring in linguistics and philosophy. She is a sincere Christian who writes poetry and who speaks Chinese (November).
  14. Christian Culture Center: The Christian Culture Center has a vision to help establish life-changing Christianity in all the cultures of our world. Currently operating in North America and the United Kingdom, contacts are being made in Australia and South America to begin work there (December).
  15. LOVEWORTHYblog: This COG (Child of God) shares a diary of her life, including prayer lists, music, scripture and Bible promises (December).
  16. My Martha Ministry: Laura started this blog to share what’s on her heart. After 20 years of Christian service, she has a lot of ideas for women’s ministry, regardless of where they are in life. She’s worked with children, youth, young women, Women’s Missionary Union, and women who are young-at-heart. She’s also designed, organized and led specialized ministries (December).
  17. No Apologies Allowed: Weekly apologetic cartoons and quotes for the “faithful, the faithless, and the full-of-its.” Everyone is welcome to post their opinions. However, uncivil posts, crude language posts, and posts that rely heavily on insults will be deleted (December).

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